The Sherlock Effect by Raymond Kay Lyon

The Sherlock Effect

By Raymond Kay Lyon

If you are into Sherlock Holmes and are looking for more cases, then this book is a must read. You could observe the application of theoretical principles to solve cases, similar to those used by Sherlock Holmes in his adventures. 
Christopher Sherlock Webster is a person forced by destiny to become a private detective along with his Mr. Morrison to solve cases in line with those of the Great Sherlock Holmes. Ashamed of his middle name in his childhood and showing no signs of intelligence, he is furious with his father for burdening him with the middle name of Sherlock, whose fan his father was. After Going through Sherlock's works himself, he is fascinated and enthralled at the opportunity of starting his own detective agency along with his friend Mr. Morrison.
There are five interesting cases being solved by Sherl and Mo (as each would like to call the other), where they are dumbfound initially, but soon gathers clues and finally sorts them to picture the crime. The stories have twists coming through with each evidence gathered and presents the crime in a whole new way.
Christopher Sherlock Webster represents what Sherlock Holmes would have been if he is really alive in the modern age.


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